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Welcome to the Nelson Family Eyecare Optometry Clinic based in downtown Nelson, British Columbia and following a rich 90 year history of optometry care in our Kootenay community!

Dr. Kelly Newhouse, the Owner and Optometrist at the Nelson Family Eyecare Optometry Clinic, relates the interesting history of the clinic.

With rich historical beginnings, the optometry clinic has been a fixture at 366 Baker Street for nearly 100 years! It began in 1916 by J.O. Patenaud who started as an optician and jeweler then became an optometrist in 1922.

Nelson Optometry Clinic
Nelson Optometry Clinic

The historical building built in 1892 allowed ample space to operate a full-service clinic with an on-site dispensary. Set in the heart of Nelson the practice grew and in the 1950s it was transferred to Dr. Desmond Littlewood.

Then in 1981, Dr. Tim Allen, who was born and raised in Nelson, returned home from getting his degree to take over the practice.

Soon after that, Dr. Tim Allen expanded to nearby Castlegar and opened up another office. In 1998, his son Brent Allen joined the practice and opened a third office in Trail, BC.

These three offices, owned by Dr. Tim and Brent Allen, became known as Kootenay Optometry Clinic.

Dr. Allen
Dr. Newhouse

Maintaining the warm, family atmosphere that patients appreciated from the Allen family, Dr. Kelly Newhouse started with the practice in 2009 to help with a smooth transition as Dr. Tim Allen looked towards retirement. In 2012 Dr. Newhouse made her commitment and her love of Nelson official by purchasing the Nelson office.

Dr. Brent Allen continues to own and work at the Castlegar and Trail offices. Dr. Newhouse was delighted to be able to be a part of one of the oldest optometry offices in Canada.

To reflect the rich history of this practice and Dr. Newhouse's focus on total family eye health, the Nelson office went back to it's roots and was renamed Nelson Family Eyecare.

Dr. Kelly Newhouse provides the same friendly and consistent care many learned to appreciate with the long tradition of optometrists at 366 Baker Street. She has worked to earn the trust of the established patients of the practice and is pleased to welcome new families and individuals as well. Dr. Newhouse hails from Kammloops.

Dr. Newhouse

She earned her doctorate degree at the University of Waterloo after obtaining a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia.

She enjoys working with all ages and welcomes new patients. Dr. Newhouse will continue to deliver high quality eyecare with state-of-the-art assessments, diagnosis and treatment.

The clinic also offers one-stop shopping with the newest in quality eyewear in her office as prescription sunglasses, contact lenses and eye care products. Nelson Family Eyecare

Nelson Family Eyecare

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